A Faith Story

Not So Far Away

There are so many things in and surrounding my life that I’d like to know answers and details about right now.  Things that I am begging God to let me in on.  But as I was reminded at church this morning, there are times that we are on a need-to-know basis.  Just like in business, that’s not always meant to punish people or make them feel inferior; it’s often a function of achieving the intended outcome in the best manner.  And in our journey with God, it’s often a useful way to build our character and shape who we are.

That is a hard one for me to swallow.  I want to know.  I cling to scriptures that promise He will show me great and unsearchable things, which He will. However, I’m apparently in the midst of a need-to-know situation. 

But there has been a very silver lining to this cloudy, limited visibility season.  God is constantly making sure I know that He is near.  There are little things, inside jokes and memories, that mean something between Him and me.  And He’s been pulling those things out left and right; a song, a phrase, a scripture, something totally random that means nothing to anyone but me. It’s the appearance of those things throughout the days and weeks and months that have kept me going, even propelled me forward, knowing one day will be the day it’s time for me to know.  More importantly, these little reminders are like a tighter grip on my hand, reminding me that I’m held, kept, and loved by the One that always knows and always understands.  They are whispers in my ear that say, “Remember, you can trust Me.”


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