A Faith Story

A Little Thanks are Due

As I was preparing to go to a Thanksgiving celebration yesterday hosted by a friend’s family, I realized that this wasn’t as unusual as I’d been thinking.  I realized that since I moved to the DC area, I’d only been home for Thanksgiving once. 

I think many of us have experienced changes over the years to the family traditions we knew as a child.  For me, this has meant a departure from the large family gatherings I grew up with. I come from a large extended family and we always spent Thanksgiving together; cooking, eating, playing games, and watching SEC football. It was a hard adjustment for me to make when we all started doing our own thing for Thanksgiving.  But it’s given me an opportunity to share the holiday with some other really great people.

It’s interesting to see the different ways people give thanks and the different menus they enjoy.  But most of all, it’s so wonderful to experience the generosity of those friends that are gracious enough to take in those that aren’t related by blood.  I’m thankful for the various ways I’ve been able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday over the years and for the wonderful people that open their homes to folks like me.

Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”
Romans 12:13

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