A Sweets Story

Gigi’s Cupcakes

The first thoughts I had about entering into the blogging world were actually centered around cupcakes.  I’ve somehow become a bit obsessed with cupcakes over the past year and a half or so.  I try to find a cucakery in most places I visit and try their wares.  Nashville was no different. 

My friend and I visited Gigi’s Cupcakes in Nashville last week.  It was a very cute shop.  I was a big fan of the great photography on the walls – but I’m a sucker for a shallow depth of field. 🙂

We had the White Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip.  The cake was a chocolate cake and was very moist but not too dense. The frosting was a cream cheese frosting, which is my preference.  It was a pretty good balance of sweet and tart, with a hint of the white chocolate flavor.  But I have to say, there was just too much of it.  I personally like a good balance of cake to frosting in each bite and this cupcake definitely had more frosting than cake. My friend and I split the cupcake and both had a decent bit of frosting left when we finished. 

The cupcakes were served in a bowl, which I’d never seen before.  I suppose it works for eating it with a fork, but it didn’t stay in the bowl long.  We chose to place it on a napkin instead to make it easier to cut in half.

I wish we’d had a bigger appetite and could have tried more flavors.  While I don’t care for so much frosting, I have to say that it was a good cupcake.

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