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A Lesson in a House

For the past 3 years I’ve lived just outside of the city and spent countless time and dollars commuting.  Not so much for work, but for the rest of my life.  I absolutely love my house and really wish I could just move it.  But since that’s not possible I’ve taken steps to move closer to all of my friends.

I was really hesitant to give up my home and become a landlord, but then I saw a house that made me excited about the change.  It was an amazing house built in the 30’s in a great location.  Plenty of space for entertaining, a huge yard for my dog to run in, a spacious modern kitchen, and even a place for a bit of a photography studio.

Just when I’d fallen in love with the house, I got word from the owner that he’d leased it to someone else.  I was pretty disappointed.  There have been no other houses that were that nice and just what I wanted.

But then I remembered that it’s largely about perspective.  While I’m disappointed about what didn’t happen like I’d expected or hoped, I trust that there’s another place out there that will be just as great and even more perfect for me.

It’s funny when a rental house reminds you of life lessons.

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