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The Gift of Passion

I love the snow.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in the South were it was an unusual occurrence, but it always feels like a special treat.  Granted, being stuck in my house and having a sore back from shoveling aren’t my ideas of a great time.  But there’s something about the snow that calms things down and forces us to slow down.  It seems to bring people in a normally busy city together in a way that they don’t typically interact.  Neighbors help each other shovel walks; people from different parts of town join in snowball fights, building snowmen and making sledding trails.

I’ve been so thankful for this calm over the past couple of days as our area received about two feet of the white stuff.  And I’ve been reminded to be thankful for so many other things, too.  Thankful for a warm home, power that stayed on, strength to shovel – and sight to appreciate the beauty of the white blanket God so artfully laid across the area.

As a photographer, that sight extends to a desire to capture that beauty.  When the snow finally stopped falling, I grabbed my camera and my trusty rain boots and headed out just as the sun was setting over the trees (see the next post for photos).  I knew the beautiful light wasn’t going to last long and began to run through the 2 feet of snow on the streets toward the open fields at the edge of my neighborhood.

Somewhere between high-stepping through snow and almost slipping in the ice, I realized how blessed I was.  Not only was there an amazingly beautiful sight in front of me and a collection of gear in my hands to capture it, but I had a passion.  A passion that didn’t care that I was out of breath or that I could barely feel my fingers.  A passion that could not stay inside when the pink light of sunset was streaming through my windows. A passion that came back in and saw things that could be improved in my photos the next time around – and was determined to seek tools and lessons to make those improvements possible.

I feel like I have so much to learn and put into practice to be the photographer and artist I want to be.  But the joy of having and acting on that passion is like a high; like a drug you just have to have more of.

There is something addictive about doing what you know God has put in you to do. It feels good to do what is good, but when that good thing is tied to where He is leading it takes it to the next level.  I think for me that photography is tied into my purpose.  Taking a picture of a snowy field might not change the world, but it is a learning opportunity and a way to invest those talents that will hopefully prepare me for those shots that will change the world. The photo that reminds a young girl that she’s beautiful and valuable; the one that gives the world a glimpse into the life of people they have never met and helps them see how similar they really are.

What is your passion?  What are you doing to strengthen your ability to pursue it?

I challenge you to run through the hard stuff today toward that thing that God is calling you to.

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