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Getting It Covered

As I made final preparations to head off to Italy with thousands of dollars worth of photography gear, I made the call to make sure my insurance company had the needed details. I’m very glad I did.

Everything I’d read online seemed to indicate that it would be covered by my homeowner’s policy. However, I found out that my particular carrier (Travelers) doesn’t offer coverage in Europe – even for a price. I was about to panic when I remembered that I needed to get renter’s insurance soon for my upcoming move. Thankfully Progressive had an easy online quote system and a quick call confirmed that my new policy would cover my things anywhere in the world.

So all of that precious cargo is covered by my homeowner’s policy until midnight (since I’ll not be in Europe by then) and by my new renter’s policy when I land in the morning in lovely Rome.

The lesson? Don’t assume anything about the coverage of your personal property when traveling. Call and confirm in case the worst does happen to you.


One thought on “Getting It Covered

  1. Amanda, let me just tell you that Travelers/GEICO are the worst insurance company to deal with if you have a claim. They have really screwed us over in the past and we won’t go back. Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with a claim. Enjoy your trip – can’t wait to see pics!

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