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Undeserving and Overwhelmed

Written from the plane on 4/16/10

I’m off to Italy! It’s been a crazy week at work and just in general as all the details came together, but I’m finally on the plane. I’m overwhelmed by God’s goodness right now. It may sound ridiculous that the little perks of a first class seat would make me cognizant of His blessing, but it’s true. Between the massaging, fully reclining seat and the fact that I somehow managed to book a ticket 4 months ago on the only flight that United allowed out to Europe today, I’m seeing how much He’s into the details of my life.

Thanks to the volcano in Iceland (is it just me or does that sound crazy?) United grounded every flight from the States to Europe today, except for the direct one from DC to Rome. Seriously? Tell me that isn’t amazing. Not only do I get to live out one of my life goals, be pampered in first class, and have a direct flight – but I get to miraculously make it to Italy without dealing with cancellations or delays. Add to that the amazing people who He’s put into my life and I’m just blown away and humbled by His treatment of me. I don’t deserve it at all – and knowing that makes me even more grateful that a perfect Father would give these gifts to his very flawed daughter.

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