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All About the People

The more traveling I do the more I realize that for me it’s less about the places and more about the people.

It all started in Morocco, which I still consider one of my favorite trips. It was a visit filled with new friends and invitations to share mint tea and special meals in the homes of local families. I love that so much more than just the tourist bit. When I come away from a place feeling like I have a newly extended family the trip feels worth it.

I guess that’s why I’m sitting here now, home in Northern Virginia, thinking of great times and wonderful people in Italy.

David and Jeffrey created a laid-back environment for us to get to know the coastal towns we visited and each other. There was plenty of time for conversations over macchiatos & laughter with wine.

Then there were the locals. As I started to get past my fears of asking for photographs I began to have wonderful encounters with people. There were laughs shared with the fisherman behind the abbey in San Fruttuoso, an invitation to view the inside of a mariner’s family home, and a conversation with a lovely couple in the train station.

That laughter, those conversations, and the wonderful, wonderful people are what has left this mark on my heart. Those are the things that make it hard to be home.

But, I suppose, it’s those things that I must make room for here. I must remember that amazing images and wonderful conversations are not only found on the other side of the world. They can be just next door if we look for them.

I guess I should be off to do some looking…

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