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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s almost Father’s Day!

If you’re anything like me, the men in your life might not love the things found in “typical” Father’s Day gift lists. My husband doesn’t hunt or fish and he doesn’t really love grilling or wearing ties. So, this time of year can be a bit of a challenge.

I want to make your search for the perfect gift a little easier, so I asked my husband to share some of the things he loves and would like for Father’s Day. Here’s what he shared.

Does your guy love music? Grab his favorite current tunes in his favorite format – whether vinyl, cassette, CD or digital. Even better, find older music he loves to bring back good memories. There are great options to discover new music out there as well, including my (slightly biased 😉 ) favorite – Something Beautiful Records.

Baseball Tee
The LuLaRoe Randy tee is a great option for a comfortable baseball tee that he’ll love to wear all year long. Find your new favorite here.

My husband is a huge baseball hat guy and as you see here they can be sports based…or not! Think outside the baseball cap box, too. Does your man love a cowboy hat or a fedora? So many options! My husband’s favorites often come from Ebbits Field Flannels.

His new favorite T shirt
There are lots of options, from graphic tees to solids. My pick is the LuLaRoe Patrick tee. It’s super soft and has extra length in the back that will keep Dad covered no matter the activity. 😉

A good read
Whether he likes hard backs or audio books, fiction or self-help, there’s likely an option he’d love. If you’re not sure of a specific book, a gift card to Amazon or credits on Kindle or Audible are also great options.

A tasty brew
Does he love trying new beers? Maybe he has a favorite brew that’s harder to find. Grab a 6 pack or even a growler fill from a local brewery for a great gift. We have so many great options local to us; if you’re in Philly be sure to check out Evil Genius, Saint Benjamin Brewing, Philadelphia Brewing and Fermentery Form!

There you have it. My music loving, book reading, LuLaRoe wearing, beer connoisseur husband’s picks for Father’s Day!
Do you have other suggestions? Drop them in the comments below!


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