A Disney Story

Memories Made at Walt Disney World – Check!

We have had such a wonderful time making memories as a family this year at Walt Disney World, so when I saw this post, “50 Memories You Should Make Before Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary!”, from Disney Food Blog I had to see how many we had checked off the list so far.

We are are well on our way with 44 items checked off out of 50. I’m going to get on that Riverboat one day, darn it!

I enjoyed checking off what we’ve done and I wanted to make it a bit more fun and easy for you to track your progress as well. So, I created this printable to share with all of you! I hope it will help you make even more memories with your family.

Let me know in the comments how many of these memories you’ve already made. And don’t forget to check out all the great DFB content that’s linked in the .pdf version of the printable.

Click on the image below for the .pdf

Image of Printable Checklist 50 Memories to make at Walt Disney World Before the 50th Anniversary


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