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Making a Commitment

I’ve been a pretty bad blogger of late.  No doubt, I’ve scratched out a number of blog post ideas on bits of paper here and there.  But, as evidenced by my absence here, none have made it to being published. Maybe they will eventually make an appearance, but for now I’ll focus on my newest… Continue reading Making a Commitment


A Faith Story

Escape the Rut

I consider myself to be someone that is driven by the quest to learn new things, to blaze new trails. Sometimes I forget that and am lulled into complacency to ride the rut that has been set before me by circumstances and the way things have ‘always been done’.

A Faith Story

Here goes nothing…well, hopefully something

Here goes! For a long time, I’ve felt the importance of writing.  One of my main life philosophies centers on the importance of remembering.  Remembering the things the Lord has done, setting up those ‘altars’ in our lives to remind us of His goodness and faithfulness.  It compels us to worship, which is another passion… Continue reading Here goes nothing…well, hopefully something